About Us

This photo shows the founding partners of A-vent-Full Dryer Vent Cleaning Company

We started A-Vent-Full Dryer Vent Cleaning Company to help small businesses and residents in the Portland and southern Maine Area increase efficiency and save money on their electric/gas bills, reduce fire risk, and get the most life out of their dryers through professional dryer vent cleaning.

We have worked hard to earn a perfect 5-star Google rating through hard work, transparency, and integrity.

Our Commitment

At A-Vent-Full Dryer Vent Cleaning, we take our commitment to your safety and satisfaction seriously. Here’s what you can expect when you choose us:

  1. Experienced Professionals: We are highly skilled tradesmen with years of experience in dryer vent cleaning. We are trained to handle all types of dryer vent systems efficiently and effectively.
  2. Advanced Equipment: We invest in the proper equipment to ensure that we provide the best service possible. Do not trust any business offering to clean your vent with a brush and/or drill!
  3. Safety First: Your safety is our priority. We understand the fire hazards associated with clogged dryer vents, so we go above and beyond to eliminate this risk from your home.
  4. Efficiency: A clean dryer vent not only reduces fire risk but also improves dryer efficiency. You’ll notice shorter drying times and lower energy bills after our service.
  5. Customer Education: We believe in the power of knowledge. We educate our customers on the importance of regular dryer vent cleaning and provide tips to maintain a safe and efficient system.
  6. Reliability: You can count on us to arrive on time and complete the job efficiently. We respect your schedule and your home.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where every home is protected from the hidden dangers of clogged dryer vents. We strive to be the trusted partner of homeowners in ensuring their safety and peace of mind.

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